The Australasian Osteopathic Accrediatation Council (AOAC) is the accreditation authority responsible for accrediting education providers and programs of study for the osteopathy profession.  Programs are assessed against accreditation standards and programs that meet the standards receive accreditation. 


The accreditation standards define the knowledge, skills and professional attributes expected on graduation, and in broad terms how education and training should be provided.


Accredited Standards


Accredited Programs of Study

The Health Practitioner Regulation Law Act 2009 (National Law) as in force in each State and Territory requires that a program of study is both accredited by AOAC and subsequently approved by the Osteopathy Board of Australia before it can be accepted as a qualification suitable for the purpose of registration as a osteopath.


Accreditation Assessors

The AOAC continues to seek expressions of interest from osteopaths to be part of the schedule of accreditation assessors.


You will be part of the accreditation assessment team examining the curricula for osteopaths in Australia.

If you feel you can contribute to this important role within your profession please contact the Executive Officer.