Qualifications & Skills Assessments

The Australasian Osteopathic Accrediatation Council (AOAC) carries out assessments of the skills and qualifications held by overseas trained osteopaths on behalf of the Osteopathy Board of Australia. AOAC also assesses internationally qualified osteopaths seeking to work in Australia under the General Skilled Migration program. 


Download the Candidate Guide – Skills assessment for migration to, and/or registration in Australia

AOAC provides:

AOAC does not:

  • Perform skills assessments for New Zealand. Applicants for New Zealand should visit the OCNZ
  • Register osteopaths. This is a function of the Osteopathy Board of Australia
  • Employ osteopaths in Australia
  • Advise on visa or immigration matters
  • Process applications for osteopathy training in Australia or New Zealand
  • Provide continuing professional development courses